Cosmic Fortune Netent Jackpot Slot

Cosmic Fortune is one of the most awesome Jackpot slots of all time, only thing that could make it even better is to pool it. At the moment the casino game is a non-pooled jackpot slot which means that each casino accumalates winnings tit’s own jackpot. compared to Mega Fortune which is pooled and all game play from all netent casinos chips in to the same Slot.

Cosmic Fortune Bonus Game

Time to bring in the Big Guns as we chase the Mega Jackpot of Cosmic Fortune. To enter the bonus game you need three golden lightning balls. Three of the scatters will give you 10 free spins in round two of the bonus game. four balls will give you 15 free spins and 5 golden balls will give you 20 free spins.

Moving over to the first part of the bonus game, the free spins.
The lowest amount of free spins you get is 10, use this to gather ammunition for your battle ship in stage 2 you can maximum collect 50 balls. Do this by collecting winning lines, each symbol in the line will turn into one ball for your spaceship in round two.

Round Two is all about shooting your golden balls into the bonus container, easier said than done. With a bit of luck you will get three balls into the middle before running out of ammunition and you will enter the last part of the bonus game.

Last part of the bonus game, get those balls into one of the jackpot holes. This requires a lot of luck. There are 5 jackpots in total three of them are progressive and two are static. Get three balls into one of the holes to trigger the jackpot and reap the awards for hopefully a major win.

cosmic fortune jackpot slot

Cosmic Fortune Graphics and Sound

A nice space themed slot with a dude that looks like white Bob Marley from space. Adding a progressive jackpot to this jsut makes it super awesome. Sound and graphic is both top notch and in the bonus game you can really see Netent doing the most out of a 2D graphic slot as possible.

Cosmic Fortune in your mobile device

Cosmic Fortune Jackpot slot was released in mid 2015, and has since then it has been re-visited by players all over the world making the jackpots on each casino super big.

cosmic Fortune Netent casino

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